Dr. Vikram GotaAssociate Professor, Clinical Pharmacology

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Early clinical development

Pharmacokinetics driven optimization of drugs

Clinical investigator

Therapeutic monitoring

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Dr. Gota was awarded an MD in Pharmacology from Christian Medical College, Vellore. In 2005, he joined Lotus Labs Pvt. Ltd. in Bangalore as a clinical investigator for bioequivalence studies. In February 2006, Dr. Gota joined Tata Memorial Hospital to conduct clinical research in the INDO-Oxford (INDOX) Cancer Trials Network. During this time, he was trained and equipped in the design and conduct of Phase I clinical trials. He also obtained a postgraduate diploma in clinical trials from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, University of London.

In 2008, he launched the Department of Clinical Pharmacology at ACTREC, Tata Memorial Center where he continues to lead innovative research efforts to improve outcomes for cancer patients in India. His research interests include early clinical development and pharmacokinetics driven optimization of drugs. He has worked as a clinical investigator in several first in human trials in oncology and his laboratory undertakes studies that explore exposure-effect relationships for efficacy and toxicity which enable the development of strategies for therapeutic monitoring of drugs used in cancer.

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The clinical Pharmacology department at ACTREC led by Dr Vikram has played a crucial supplementary role to the medical oncology patient services and research at Tata Memorial Centre since its inception. Our past and ongoing research projects aim to add value to patient treatment by providing access to quality generics, refining dosage regimens in patients not responding to conventional doses of chemotherapy drugs and aiding the clinical development of newer molecules through the conduct of early phase studies. In addition, the availability of basic research expertise at the department has allowed the bedside to bench translation of oncology drugs. Our collaboration has also lead to establishment of Phase 1 unit at ACTREC. We hope that our association will ring in excellence in the areas of clinical research and cancer treatment services at the institution.

Dr Kumar Prabhash
Professor.,Dept of Medical Oncology